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Personal Asset Management & Safety Solutions
What is Defender?

Defender is a state of the art hardware and software system, professionally installed in your vehicle, designed to give you piece of mind when your family is on the go. We trust Defender to take care of our families, you should too.

GPS Tracker Module
GPS Tracker Software User Interface
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The GPS tracking market is flooded with numerous systems designed for business.  But who meets the needs of individuals or families?  We do!  Here at Muntz, we live and breathe GPS. Our passion propels us to deliver personalized, simple, and versatile products to meet your needs.


Set it and forget it!  The software that powers Defender is simple.  We help you set up alerts and parameters then you are ready to go.  Get notified instantly, via email or text message, when Defender moves out of or into a selected location (geofence), exceeds a predetermined speed, has low battery voltage, aggressive driving, and more.  The ability to view Defender's real-time location is also included.


We offer solutions that meet your needs.  Looking to keep an eye on your teen driver, we’ve got you covered.  What about protecting your motorcycle, boat, RV, or UTV?  No problem.  Need to watch over and be connected to elderly family members? Done.  Browse our products to learn more about how Defender protects you.

Why do I need Defender?
Silver Alert Image
Check engine light
Driving Lesson

You should not rely solely on cell phone apps to know the location and wellbeing of your family members.  These apps provide a false sense of security and are not always reliable.  Phones can be left behind, run out of power, or simply shut off.  With Defender, you will never see your loved one's license plate displayed on the highway because you will always know the location of the vehicle.

Defender is professionally installed in the vehicle and always there protecting your family.  Because Defender is integrated into your vehicle's electrical system, you can choose to receive alerts regarding vehicle health.  Defender can notify you when an oil change is needed or the battery is low.

Defender is a great way to keep an eye on your teen's driving habits.  Alerts are available to you when the vehicle enters or exits a predetermined area, exceeds speeds, aggressive driving behavior is detected, and more.  Defender may even reduce insurance premiums.  Contact you insurance agent to learn more.

Defender Product Line Up.
GPS Main Unit


The Defender M6 protects and monitors your vehicles and driver habits.  Get notified instantly if the M6 moves out of a selected location, exceeds a predetermined speed, the vehicle battery is low, driver behavior, and more.  Additionally, the M6 can be fitted to any vehicle and/or watercraft as long as it is equipped with at least a 6v battery. 

  • 4G LTE GPS

  • Compact Design for Strategic Installs

  • 3-Axis Motion Detection Capabilities

  • Deep Sleep Low-Battery Draw

  • Applicable to 6v – 36v Battery

  • Tamperproof Install


Battery Powered GPS Unit

The Defender U6's flexibility gives you versatility to secure just about anything.  It is small, lightweight, and features a 3 year battery making it the perfect solution for anything with or without a battery.

  • 4G LTE GPS

  • 4.25 inches in length

  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries

  • 3-Axis Motion Detection Capabilities

  • Easy to install and conceal

  • Weather Resistant 

Defender by Muntz Audio Advantage.

By choosing Muntz Audio for your family's safety, you will enjoy many benefits including:

  • In-house professional installation

  • Hands on training and set up

  • In-house customer service center - from billing to technical assistance

  • Years of experience with GPS and vehicle electronics

Call or Text (920) 486-5166 to learn more or to schedule a live demo
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